Chairman’s Statement


Mr-Ayo-OladipoHospitality industry is a broad industry covering various hosting services including restaurants, hotels, bars, cruise lines and many other related businesses. Globally it is a multi-billion dollar industry with broad offerings, in Nigeria the best of hospitality development is found in accommodations and restaurants.


Besides, hospitality business in Nigeria currently has one of the highest growth potential in Africa, as it is increasingly becoming a major business destination for many who see the viability of Africa’s most populous nation.


With the opening of hotels and other hospitality-based outfits every day in cities across Nigeria, keen observers of developments in the Nigerian hospitality industry have noted that the industry is at a growing stage.


Considering all these phenomenal elements, the hospitality market is booming in Nigeria and with that boom comes newly found diversification in range, quality and classifications, yet there is a better room for growth, diversification and standardization.


Although the industry faces many challenges including instability in power supply, security, negative global publicity and the effects of the general issues facing the growth of tourism in Nigeria, regardless of these challenges, the industry has continued to grow geometrically thus increasing its share in the capital market of the country as the tourism and hospitality industry represents a major income booster for people in the business all over the world.

However with the development of more tourist sites, weekenders, holiday makers and tourists alike, more businesses are being created for hoteliers/hotel proprietors on a daily basis:all these have, to a great extent, maximally consolidated the practice of hospitality management.


With all of these, it is a matter of necessity for stakeholders in the industry, especially business owners to understand that tourism and hospitality industry constantly requires the significant inputs of highly sophisticated consultants whose expertise is professionally and economically capable of regularly promoting their respective businesses. This is why Hotel Solutions Hospitality Nigeria Limited is constantly committed to rendering such consultancy services.




In practice, I am often habituated to embracing this philosophical submission, “We don’t just sell rooms, food, drinks and render hospitality-related services to our guests/customers/clients; we often blend comfort and luxuries with customer satisfaction as part of our value-added services. In hospitality industry, we live and die satisfying our guests/customers/clients: that is our philosophy; that is the nucleus of our modus operandi.”

Giving Hotel Solutions Hospitality Nigeria Limited an opportunity to consult for you means reasonably exposing your business to series of unprecedented growth and development in all ramifications of tourism and hospitality business.


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Ayo Oladipo (Mr),

Chairman, founder and CEO, Hotel Solutions Hospitality Nigeria Limited